So you might not know but I initially started this blog because I want to be a model but I do not have the right height for it. Fashion was always a part of me. I express myself on a high level. Clothes were there for me. I know aesthetics and am an artistic person. When I feel hurt I get inside my head and go to that dark place we all go when we are hurt. And I am rebellious. And I say that with my clothes. By wearing inappropriate clothes (as in baggy when I should be polishing my look for example). But now I want to work on myself more and more and not allow anyone to dictate my journey and my mood.
But now I spend so much time with finding more and more and more information. I am seeking that so much that I forget and don't want to think about anything else including deadlines. I put everything I need to be doing on the second place and just search and look for more and more information. I look at over 100000000 episodes of Oprah for example. I look at make-up, fashion editorials ( I AM OBSESSED with them!!!), books, photographers, articles, omg and so on!
I'm not trying to make a final point with what I've just said. I want to share more. That is my main point here. I need to, And I want to finish tasks. This year was a big year for me and it's not over yet! Things shifted to the better when I sat down and tough about what I want and what was the next best possible thing that could get me there!? And I just started! It's the best damn advice I've gotten from all those TED talks and inspirational speeches.

Here I'm sharing a few recent looks from Instagram as I haven't bought anything pretty lately and I totally want to share something new and better each time but can't always.I'm also having a big week at work and have slept around 3h per day last week. I mean seriously! Anyway, I'll figure out what exciting things I should do here on the blog because I am more serious than ever with my blog. And with my journey. I think that's why I'm collecting so much information. Because I want to let go of my fear of the future and just be myself. Exactly as I am.
So I'll see you soon with new content!
Be present and have a great one!

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