cropped sweater white skirt

What I wore today. Before leaving for Rome I bought some stuff and this crop sweater was one of them. I spent the night before going shopping looking through old posts of Emitaz and I ended up buying some pieces that stuck in my mind and pieces that she would wear. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's happened that to haha.

  This morning my hair was messy- the right kind of messy and it felt right to wear this combination of clothes.
The silk shirt I have tied around my waist was something I took with me since visible midriff is not office appropriate. But I'm not one to go with the crowd. It just made sense to wear this outfit and I always go with my gut. I don't know why it's so taboo to have your midriff visible.

Anyways, I took these pictures on my break and after work I met with blogger Cristina Maritescu (take a look at her blog!) and took some pictures of her.

Now I will try to read some pages from The Artist's Way that I ordered a month ago or so and it came today. Night night! Next some pictures from Rome! I'm currently going through them! Rome photo diary next.

Wearing Zara sweater and bag, Converse chucks, Mango skirt and Pull&Bear shirt.

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