White dress, red roses

These days, if I miss an appointment or cancel a meeting I feel like my mood changes, my optimism. As these days I'm extending my business and creating opportunities for myself, I've seen just how much a date can bring. Making connections, finding out things in your field and outside of it, finsing what work for other's and figuring if that's something you'll like to maintain and work towards too etc. But mostly -at least for myself- finding out other perspectives. This idea was in my mind but as I was writing this it came to me. I thought it was all things before that previous sentence. Hm.

Anyways, this is what I wore on Wednesday after I had missed a deadline at uni. These things happen these days as I am all over the place in my mind and because I mostly know what I want I find it hard to focus on meeting my deadlines.  But I've made progress and I'm happy with me fighting against this situation.  I'm not accustomed with having to do things because they must be done. In school I used to study literature for my own pleasure and I had a things against homework because I knew in doing something out of pleasure I am more all in that thing as opposed to doing something because I need to. But at this stage of my life it's exactly the thing I need. To focus, grow and take control of my life. I am good. I hope so are you!! stay safe and keep positive thoughts!

P.S.:The roses are for my birthday.
Wearing Zara dress and bag, Benvenuti sandals.

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