ROME Inspiration

In the beginning of my blog I used to post some inspirational pictures. But the fact is that I'm always in search of new ones. Some stick in my mind for a while but I feel this urge to save them in my laptop. I don't go over them again but I feel like if I same them I save them in my memory. But maybe if you'd like I could post some from time to time.

Anyway. My trip to Rome is this Saturday! And here is my outfit inspiration for the trip.
Elegant but not quite. Sex-appeal is always there. Clothes worn with confidence. Old school glamour with a hint of 2016 mass production fashion.

Sources: Rumi Neely, Doina Ciobanu, Louise Roe, Malvina Cservenschi, Tuula, Rocky Barnes, Stellawantstodie, Suattiworld Official, Opener-Moda, Maffashion, Miranda Shelia, esipchenish.

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