Moments. At the office, at the beach, and a shopping/ coffee date outfit yesterday ( first and last image ).
I need to take more responsibility in all the field I'm involved in. Master, work, photography, my fashion blog etc. I'm somehow very much self involved because I have this self induced idea that things need to be more then they are and I am struggling to bring them to a higher level but from a selfish perspective I guess. That's why I can't take those extra hour to find time on a daily basis to edit all my outfit pictures. That's why I've lately ended up posting Instagram moments instead of more qualitative ones. One thing for sore though: things are starting to happen around here. I' m letting of my limiting beliefs and It's a process. I'm growing. Both inside and outside.
By the way I haven't found any sandals to my likes so far. That's the reason I'm wearing these white Converse everyday. Well also out of love. They can make any outfit! And lately I like to play around with different clothes. Every Sunday I go out with my cousin for a shopping/ coffee date and we end up buying things we wear over the next week and I'm sure everyone know the chills and thrills when wearing and starting the week with new beautiful clothes. 
Stay around for my "fashion surfing" process. Also you can follow me on Instagram here.

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