This is part one of my photo diary from Rome. I just noticed that there are a lot of photos from behind. I noticed that when I posed but here I've put them altogether. I had something to edit and also these pictures and time passed so fast and now it's 4am and tomorrow I have a photography gig that I'm excited about! I will surely snap a few pictures of my outfit or of my day but if now, I will post something on Instagram instead so follow along! @simonanutu_
Can't wait to accomplish all the things I put my mind to.
Today, after a few days indoors I went out and bought myself an Urban Decay Naked Palette from Sephora. I spent the weekend literally glued into the screen watching Jaclyn Hill's make-up videos. She's so good and I like her personality. Now I am super inspired and I'm into experimenting with make-up everyday more and more.
Anyways, I will share some more photos from my time in Rome. I hope you like them. I usually snap pictures with my phone but also have my camera with me. Always.
Love, S.

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