Wearing Zara blouse and jeans, Converse chucks, Mango necklace, Moschino vintage backpack and Pull&Bear light parka and sunglasses.

I've spent the whole day and night documenting for my essay and now it's already morning and I'm in doubts if I should go to the pool or not. Just for fun. And to swim! I am super tired but I still have so much more to study but I also like having a post per day like in the old days. This year and a great part of the last one I've been into wanting to do a bit of everything. And that's kind of impossible since one's own mind can't focus on multiple things at the same time. And having multiple things depending on you means that you can't always take the necessary time for every one of them. I'm still convincing myself that taking care of different things at the same time is not actually doable.  But I'm at this phase when I want to make things happen for myself and I learn every day how to do more with less. I plan, I act and I finish. That is what I am into at the moment. It is also so beneficial for me since I've always been a rebel and did things my own way. Now I'm working on my perspective and on what I want and what is the closest way of accomplish it (as in what can I do today-tomorrow to make it closer to the real deal), and actually sticking to finishing. Whatever. Making it to the date, to the seminar, finishing a book, a chapter, a...whatever. Just boosting my confidence from doing and finishing. Kind of like a Big Magic move. ( Elizabeth Gilbert reference).

See you soon! Also, what do you think about the outfit? 

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