Italy in my heart

    Italy overload from Bari and the area surrounding the city aka Polignano a Mare. I can see me looking very shy and away from the camera. I still do that and I forever do that. It's just something I feel like doing. It makes sense minutes/seconds before deciding to take a picture and creating a beautiful one. It feels organic. Like all the things I enjoy doing. Just like myself. I base all my money on my gut.  My style has changed, my budget as well. I took with me only clothes I had at the moment but now I feel like buying some cotton shapeless dresses, white lace dresses and everything in between. Of course I struggled with these certain pieces and hunting for them but haven't had any luck. I guess I'll just focus on all the emotions I'm going to feel and all the food, music, and enjoy that perfect present. 
Yeah, Zara watch out I'm trying one more time tomorrow haha. I tried on a dress and I think I'm coming again to buy it. I went to a movie date today at the Me before You premiere and almost at the end of the movie I saw some oversized shirts worn as dresses and I just want to check off my list these certain things I have in my mind for my trip. Omg such a movie. I walked home and I was in this mood! No words. Just a feeling. Of doing. And enjoying. But as I started to walk home my friend from work called and I said yes to a walk in the center of the city. We talked. She came with her sister. We ate gelato and it got pretty cold for my t-shirt and jeans (all white) and decided to go home and read for an essay due on Monday( which is my birthday! ).
I came home and I just put my new sandals on and my Zara men blouse I bought on sales just before the movie. I wanted to buy something for my dad and we went at the mall together before my date. Now- for almost 3 hours now- I'm still in this blouse and I like it. I've been listening to music and drinking some iced coffee. I also have straght here and two loose braids. I feel so sleepy but I just want to continue to listen to music and feel this blouse on. I feel the need to create something. I've also been thinking about ditching social media for a bit. I need inspiration from around. No more digital since time passes so fast!!!
I want my life to be like a late afternoon- late night italian night. Music, food, breezy, beautiful,  a bit of a tan, a bit of curly salty curls, walks, history, past, present, now, dear persons, new persons. You.

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