OFF Opera Fashion Fair Timisoara

    Before the event, early in the morning I went and shot the make-up sessions at Hair Studio by Jabri Elena. Anca Molnar and her team took care of the staff appearance and I was there to capture it. For some reason I have a very hard time falling asleep ( like the hardest time in my life) and I didn't manage to get any sleep that night because of it. But I slept in the afternoon for a couple of hours before the event.

                                                                                  Gals in heels.

And some pictures from the event itself. I'm here among my girls: singer Alexandra Mitroi, blogger Cristina Maritescu, and Andreea from Magic Accessories. As you can see I was in good company! I also met a lot of new people and had a blast at Epic Vara. I felt right at home.

This is a different type of post than my usual. I'm getting out of my comfort zone more and more and as frequently as can be. So hit me with your impression on this post so that I can spice up things in here!

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