Well hello there! Instagram overload here! I wanted to take some me time before reading and stuff. I've spent the day at the pool and when I got home I slept for 5 hours only. Now all my body hurts from the gym but there's nothing compared to the feeling of confidence post gym brings. Omg it's like I've discovered gold. I started going to the gym a few month back but with my lack of sleep in the night and coffee and the fact that I have some magnesium deficit and I feel like fainting, I stopped going. This still happens now but I keep positive. I have some exams this week and I'll be fine with my sleepless nights. Otherwise I don't have enough time. Can't wait to finish them and plan a shoot a day. Oh these are the days you feel like doing everything in the world! But I will since I love it so much. I don't have a photographer but I'll make it work! I see an image in my head and I direct my friend/papa/cousin/stranger/acquaintance from what angle to shoot.  
 Tonight I feel like I'm a globe trotter (I know this expression is all over the internet and that it feel like the ultimate dream) and I am scrolling through Emitaz blog. Because I freaking love it! Every day it's almost the first thing I do once I open my laptop. It brightens my day. And I love the pictures.

Now I will start reading for Monday's exam. Which is also my birthday haha. And at around 9:40 I'll stop and start getting reading for a coffee and shopping date with the gals.
I'll keep you updated!
Also I am in search of a gold/rose gold watch. I'll see what I'll find these days. It looks so good with a tan!
Also2  I am taking a break off from Instagram these days. I'm writing a paper on social media and Instagram effects and I just feel like it. When studying I end up on Instagram as a break and then I look at the time and it's been 2 hours. It's insane! The reason behind my break is also because I've been posting a lot of pictures per day and I want to post less but with better quality and the best way towards that is with a break and recharge of batteries and a new prospect on things will come after this. I can't wait for Rome! 6 more days! ^^

Love, S

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